Art Lease

Established in Hong Kong in the year 2000, Art Lease works with collectors and artists to expand its offering of original quality fine art, with the aim of providing quality artworks to corporate offices in Hong Kong. The concept behind the business is that art can boost employee productivity and creativity by improving the ambiance of an office space.

NockArt Gallery

Founded in 2014, Nockart Gallery aims to provide an innovative platform for contemporary art, presenting work by esteemed Australian artists whose work have rarely or never been exhibited in Hong Kong before. In addition to its commercial exhibition programme, Nockart Gallery attempts to mount exhibitions that showcase the breadth and diversity of contemporary art through private collection exhibitions working together with the Nock Art Foundation.

NOCK ART Foundation

Established in 2014 by avid art collector and painter Michael Nock, the Nock Art Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to promote cross-cultural artistic collaboration and nurture the arts through projects and exhibitions engaging with artists from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China. Core to its activities is a reciprocal artist residency programme run across Queenstown, New Zealand and Hong Kong. In addition to the residencies, the Foundation sponsors selected art prizes and scholarships as well as unique artist projects working with established as well as mid-career artists.



Nockies Palette wine series was conceived as an idea where “art meets wine”. The artist and artisan combine talents to produce something extraordinary.

Nockies Palette believes it is the artist or artisan who contributes the most value in the production of something truly great.

Thus, we seek out winemakers that are considered among the world’s best in a range of different grape varieties.



Located on the 16th floor of the Kwai Bo industrial building in the heart of Wong Chuk Hang, Dine Art is a stunning kitchen combined with a sensational 4,000 square feet of casual yet classy art space. The open kitchen lines one side of the dining area and serves a delectable Italian cuisine and prides itself for its emphasis on using premium ingredients to create authentic Italian flavours. Two Michelin-starredItalian Chefs Luca de Berardinis and Alessandro Angelini craft special dishes that reflect their heritage.




Established in April 2011, the Aardwolf Fund is an extension of an investment process and track record that began in 2000 and over the period has delivered consistent double digit returns with minimal and only short duration draw-downs. The strategy has evolved over that period whilst remaining consistent to the principal of long term compounding returns and wealth preservation. Today the Fund aims to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing in securities globally that have an appropriate and attractive risk adjusted return. The current strategy is primarily long only and the investment process seeks to assess the attractiveness of a business taking into consideration industry structure, competitive environment, barriers of entry and business moat, growth prospects, quality of management, transparency and governance.

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M On The Bund

When M on the Bund opened in January 1999, the idea was to create a dining experience as exciting, as sophisticated, as delectable as Shanghai itself. Located at the pinnacle of the historic Nissin Shipping Building, built in 1921, M overlooks Shanghai’s most famous sight: the Bund. Here, diners sample a creative menu in a warm, sophisticated space, where references to Shanghai’s glamorous past are updated and given a contemporary spin. The roof terrace is a favourite spot to savour M’s “simply good food,” whose flavours range from the comforting to the novel, from Europe to the Middle East, but remain grounded in classical European techniques.